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«The state of health while taking your product (Amanita muscaria) is excellent. Clarity in the head, as they say - everything is on the shelves. Took a break. Recently I ordered Amanita again.»
Amanita muscaria
«I don’t smoke for the fifth day, I take two or three capsules a day, from the first day I felt that there was no physical craving and the nerve relieves from refusal, which was without capsules. Around everyone smokes and packs of cigarettes lie, it feels indifferent. Sometimes during the day several times there are moments of weakness, but I easily discard thoughts.»
Amanita muscaria
I drank a monthly course of fly agaric and blackberry. What can I say, I have more energy, I noticed that for a couple of weeks I have been falling asleep easily and waking up easily, and without an alarm clock. The craving for smoking has decreased, one pack is enough for 4 days))
Amanita Pantherina
At the beginning of the course, nothing was observed, but after a couple of weeks I began to feel much better: getting enough sleep in fewer hours, a dislike for tobacco appeared (although there was no goal to give it up), I began to feel much more confident at social events, although before that, I was very worried about appearing in public and stuff like that.
Amanita muscaria + Hericium Erinaceus
I have tried many manufacturers of fly agaric capsules. And I want to say that BIODOPE is without a doubt my favorite from now on. I determined this, first of all, based on my feelings, sensations and introspection. Even the BIODOPE capsules themselves have a truly bright, catchy and natural, natural smell. As for the results from microdosing, it is undoubtedly possible to safely reveal a multiple improvement in the quality of sleep, and all the effects of the production of the GABA neurotransmitter are also on the face: concentration increases, thoughts do not jump from one to another, it is much easier to engage in one activity, fully concentrating your mind on the process and vision of the final result. BIODOPE'u huge respect!
Amanita muscaria
I felt strong changes in my attitude after the course of fly agaric. Gone are the moments of despondency, depression, irritability. There is more energy, love of life, acceptance. The acceptance of the negative aspects of other people has also greatly increased. If earlier in delicate situations you wanted to conflict, now you already look down on a lot and do not become attached to negative moments
Amanita muscaria + Hericium Erinaceus
Good evening! After a month's course, I'm ready to confidently say that new, deeper and more natural changes in thinking are opening up. The responsibility for the choice appears in my head - I want to smoke, drink, or I want to choose to be clean. I began to value my health more and even changed my diet - I began to eat more plant-based and clean foods. Dreams have become masterpieces of cinematography)) Anxiety visited me much less, there was finally a place for calm productive reflection. A great tool to work on yourself and put yourself in order. I will continue!
Amanita muscaria
Greetings to everyone, I almost drank the fly agaric course, closer to the second half of the course the hedgehog arrived, started drinking everything together, and so the noise in my head really subsided, throughout the course I didn’t drink alcohol and there was no desire AT ALL, dreams are a separate story) every day films I watch and sleep very soundly.
Amanita muscaria + Hericium Erinaceus
He saved me from the internal dialogue, obsessive states left, cheered me up and began to fall asleep better, around 23-00 the coloring in the dream begins
Amanita Pantherina
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